BFR Training Bands | Blood Flow Restriction Training
Blood flow restriction training bands: The fastest way to gain muscle with the least effort.
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BFR training has been seen in or endorsed by


Does it Really Work?


Here’s what the International Journal of Sports Medicine says:

The primary mechanisms by which blood flow occlusion training stimulates growth include: metabolic accumulation which stimulates a subsequent increase in anabolic growth factors, fast-twitch fiber recruitment (FT), and increased protein synthesis through the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway. Increases in heat
shock proteins (HSP), Nitric oxide synthase-1 (NOS-1), and decreased expression of Myostatin have also been observed.

Is it Safe?


Yes, in fact, the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports suggests:

Blood flow restriction training research thus far is promising with respect to safety outcomes. Individuals respond similarly to blood flow restriction training and to regular exercise.



Read the Research

me holding workout with bfr band

BFR Training is Great For:


  • Athletes and regular exercisers needing active recovery 
  • Women not wanting to lift heavy weight but still get tone
  • Rehab for elderly and injured to regain strength, muscle tone, and mobility
  • Those who want to “trick” the body into gaining muscle and strength while lifting weight
bfr occlusion bands

PRO BFR Training Bands

Equipped with quick release cam buckle and extra strong elastic nylon strap (2 inches wide)


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PRO BFR Training Bands – LONG

Equipped with quick release cam buckle and extra strong elastic nylon strap (2 inches wide) and twice as long (60 inches) for double/triple wrapping when additional pressure is necessary.


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ELITE 2.0 BFR Training Bands

Equipped with quick release cam buck, comfortable elastic nylon strap (1.5 inches wide), and accurate measurement for optimal pressure & symmetry


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Personal Trainer doing standing dumbbell curls for training his biceps

CLASSIC BFR Training Bands

Equipped with quick release cam buckle and comfortable polypropylene strap (3/4 inches wide)


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METAL BFR Training Clips

Hold extra slack in place with these BFR Clips


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